ECOS Integrated Cabin Interior

A perfect harmony of form, function, flexibility and cost effectiveness, ECOS represents the next chapter in Zodiac Aerospace’s vision for a seamless total cabin experience- Efficient Cabin. Open Space. “Efficient Cabin” targets improvements to cabin efficiency across the product life cycle in: production and natural resources, configurability and customization, cabin optimization, installation and in-service performance and upgrades, and end of life repurposing and recycling. “Open Space” creates an enabling, flexible product structures to support improved cabin environment and spaciousness, create new opportunities for branding and differentiation, and establish an open platform to enable future innovations and growth. The ECOS mockup features the key cabin building blocks: 3rd Generation Smartbins with Binsight, updated PaxPOD PSUs, DMS Lavatories, Space-Flex v2 aft galley and lavatory complex, and premium and economy class seating with our latest RAVE products.