ECOSflex Aft Complex

Interested in adding a few row of seats or giving more legroom to your passengers? With over 500 shipsets delivered and counting, Spaceflex V2 is the proven solution for your cabin density needs.

But is densification the only play here? We are recognizing a significant increase in airline segmentation, driving the need for more flexible solutions and a wider range of operational capabilities. In contradiction, we observe that these evolving needs are often at odds with the service routines that crews are expected to deliver and the spaces in which they must work and share with passengers.

Through a compressive kit of scenario simulation mock-ups, we intend to dive deeply into these new and evolving operational challenges. We will look at the topics of shared space, of flexible space, of multi-functional space and of revenue generating space. We will also debate the evolving topic of value added on-board catering solutions in the context of on-demand culture and dramatically improved airport dining and refreshment services.