Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems

25 January 2017 | 10:00AM – 11:30AM | Carson, CA

Have you ever wondered what happens to the waste after you flush an aircraft toilet? Have you ever wondered what happens to the water after you wash your hands?

Wonder no more!

Experience first-hand what it takes to dream, design, test and build one of the most complex systems on the aircraft during your tour to the Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems facility (ZWWS).

Your tour at ZWWS’ world class facility begins with a voyage onto the crown jewel of our facility – a three-story “Iron Bird” – a full scale, full-service, in-house test rig for the A380 and B787. Discover see-through tanks, clear pipes, and functional toilets as you explore and experience the action as we flush our way across the test rig and dive deeper into to the bowels of the rig.

Climb up the Iron Bird for a bird’s eye view of the 215,000 square feet facility. We promise – after this tour you will never look at an aircraft toilet as an ordinary toilet again.

Book your tour today – it’s going to be flushing amazing!!

Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems

NOTE: For safety reasons please wear flat shoes. No heels will be allowed onto the test rig. It is also suggested not to wear skirts or dresses.

Questions: zeo.events@zodiacaerospace.com